Tiffany Bayley

Tiffany Bayley is originally from Huntington, WV.  Growing up in a poverty-stricken family she knew at a very early age, that kind of life, was not for her.  She often jokes that she makes a lousy poor person and life is just easier with the lights on.  By 16 she was working 3 jobs and every side hustle she could find.  One job in a clothing store, another in a hair salon and you guessed it, the other one in a jewelry store.  Ms. Bayley quickly became the quintessential entrepreneur, owning and operating her first business at 17.  Over the course of the next 30 years she would own over a dozen businesses across the US and Canada.  Two marketing firms, 8 jewelry stores, 3 paintball fields, a miniature golf course and one ice cream shop. Later, she realized her true love was jewelry.

Tiffany now resides in Orlando, Florida. where she can be found doing amazing custom design at her flagship store in downtown Avalon Park.  With nearly four decades of experience in sales, marketing and coaching, she has become a sought-after speaker in our industry and others. You can often find her featured in industry publications like, JCK Magazine and she is currently working on her first book titled, Defining Moments, to be released in the spring of 2022.  When she’s not busy designing, speaking, coaching or writing, it’s probably a Wednesday, when she hosts her own virtual shopping show that is streamed weekly to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube called Shop with Tiffany LIVE! with thousands of followers.

Tiffany Bayley 21F speaker