We Are Evolving!

We Are Evolving!

The one thing that keeps me energized and passionate about the AJS is the commitment and the togetherness of our community as we continue to adapt to an ever-changing market. Throughout the year, I have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of independent retailers and manufacturers about the state of the economy and how that it is affecting their business. It is not just the economy, it is the changes in consumer behavior and the societal view on jewelry as a consumer product.

The one constant in all of this is there is no constant. The retailers are evolving their businesses, their approach, their lines, their ways of approaching customers and therefore we are evolving too! At the core of our mission, the Atlanta Jewelry Show is committed to fostering an environment to educate, expose, and encourage our community to embrace and thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

“Wow, I had not realized things had changed so much!” This was an attendee comment from a retailer from Tennessee who had taken a three-year hiatus from the show. “I have learned so much at this year’s show. I cannot imagine not being here again in the spring.”

How are we evolving? The Atlanta Jewelry Show has always been a strong show of community and commonly referred to as a buying show by the industry. In the past 18 months the SJTA has made significant investments into education & learning, a 300% increase, as well as exposure to retail management services to provide retailers more tools to operate a successful business platform. For the spring 2019 event, the Atlanta Jewelry Show will introduce two new feature areas that will deliver added value to all retailers who attend the show. We are very excited and I am certain you will be too…an announcement will be coming soon!

At the foundation, the Atlanta Jewelry Show is still about buying. The evolution of the show (and community) is about so much more than buying, it’s about making our retail community successful.

Learn. Shop. Evolve.