Ad Lib – June 2019

My Perspective is Wrong.

Not exactly wrong, more like evolving.

I am putting myself out there with full transparency to say that I am beginning to look at the Atlanta Jewelry Show and our place in the industry in a different light. Our perspectives and point of view is shaped by our environment and our experiences. With that comes the inevitable position that, sometimes, we lose sight of the forest because of the trees. To this point, I have been all about seeing and championing the trees.

I believe there is a need to serve the Retail Jewelry Market with different approaches to shows. While we think we are competing for market share, we are actually serving different markets. There is a market for a massive inventory show, a market for buying group shows, and most importantly for the AJS, there is a need for a personalized event that goes beyond the inventory and focuses on the ancillary needs of the modern retailer.

So, what was my ‘a-ha’ moment and what triggered the self-actualization that is causing my perception to shift? It happened during my annual Las Vegas summer trip to attend industry events, connect with customers, talk with prospects, and expand my industry knowledge through exposure.

Day one, I found myself with a bit of “exhibit envy” – what a massive experience! I made my way to the specific points of interest, exhibits, and my appointments while observing the attendee behavior along the way. It was then that it hit me; this is a colossal, all-encompassing industry event and AJS is an intimate personalized event. What’s the difference?

In stark comparison, I noticed how people engage with one another during the different events. I observed mostly transactional relationships, which is extremely important. At AJS, I find the interactions between our community of retailers and manufacturers to be more empathetic, supportive, and
authentic. Our retailers come to shop. The AJS team ensures they leave feeling inspired, energized, and more connected to the community, due to the intimate personalized approach to the experience. The great news is this occurs organically through our retailers’ engagement in the programming and
networking events.

The AJS is not an industry event, it is your event. It’s Mark’s event, it’s Barbara’s event, it’s Sheila’s event, it’s William’s event. Your AJS experience is personal to you.  Whether you’re here for the best education our profession has to offer, exploring the CAD-CAM Challenge, mingling with your peers, or excited to discover the newest routes to success, the AJS has something for everyone!

I want to personally invite you to join us at ‘Your Show’ this August. If it’s your first time, reach out to me and I would love to give you a tour of the event and show you what makes AJS so special.