The latest advancements in digital marketing for jewelers will be featured during the webinar on Tuesday, February 8 in the AJS ConnectED Webinar Series and as a sneak-peek into the onsite education offered at the SoHo Experience by AJS in March.


ATLANTA, Georgia  — Meta vs Metaverse – Understanding the Digital Road Ahead for Jewelry Businesses is a free webinar developed by Technology Therapy Group in partnership with Atlanta Jewelry Show to bring jewelers up to speed on technology advancements with the potential to revolutionize their retail businesses. Hosted virtually as part of the AJS ConnectED Webinar Series on February 8th at 1:00 pm ET, the session will feature breakdowns of key vocabulary in this emerging space, changes to consumer expectations, and growth opportunities enabled by augmented reality, non-fungible tokens, artificial intelligence, and more.

“The Atlanta Jewelry Show has always been a meeting of the minds that inspires advancements in the jewelry industry and as a preamble to the March 2022 show, this webinar demonstrates that in spades,” says Cindy Chandler, AJS Director of Education. “We’re proud to be exposing our network of jewelers and attendees to critical information about the future of their industry and the immense advantage they could have by incorporating these lessons early.”

In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced a name change and pivotal mindset shift for social media powerhouse Facebook. The company would become Meta, a platform aspiring to “feel like a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, sometimes expanded into three dimensions or projected into the physical world” in what users would experience as the Metaverse. This transition signals the fast-approaching widespread adoption of augmented and virtual reality technology in the everyday lives of consumers.

However, only 1% of retailers are currently using augmented reality or virtual reality in their customer buying experience. Now that Facebook, neigh Meta, has declared the trajectory of social experiences that will undoubtedly influence customer expectations, it is the ideal time to explore the retail applications of these technologies.

“Conversations around immersive buying experiences have been ongoing for years,” says Jennifer Shaheen, Technology Therapy Group President and Meta vs Metaverse webinar instructor. “We’re seeing it discussed with new vocabulary, but the implications remain clear: advancing technology informs customer expectations and should thus heavily influence your retail strategy. Learning the opportunities that augmented reality, NFTs, and VR can bring to your business will unite you with a new generation of buyers and set you apart from your competition.”

Registration for the free Meta vs Metaverse – Understanding the Digital Road Ahead for Jewelry Businesses webinar is now open to jewelers, wholesalers, and suppliers eager to future-proof their businesses. An open Q&A with presenter Jennifer Shaheen will follow. Interested participants can learn more and register for the February 8th event here: and by visiting



Meta vs Metaverse will be led by the digital marketing experts of Technology Therapy Group, a Rhode Island-based digital marketing agency turned educational hub that has been championing the independence and in-house expertise of small businesses since the mid-1990s. Their library of over 50 on-demand and live training sessions has been strategically developed based on client questions and challenges to empower start-ups and growing business to improve their digital know how. Bridging the inherent knowledge gaps that come with the frequent and overnight changes in key marketing platforms and tools, all of TTG’s training programs equip business owners with the mix of evergreen, platform-specific, and forward-thinking knowledge they need to drive notable improvements.



The Atlanta Jewelry Show was founded in 1950 by the nation’s longest-running association for independent jewelry representatives, Southern Jewelry Travelers Association (SJTA), which has been the official sponsor and producer of the biannual gathering for 72 years. The city of Atlanta, Georgia has always been home to the event, offering a vibrant backdrop for the hallmark education, order writing, networking, and fun that has helped make Atlanta Jewelry Show events must-attend experiences for the successful jeweler. For information and to register for the upcoming trade event, SoHo Experience by AJS March 4-6, visit