Ad Lib – April 2019

Spring Into Action: A Day of Nurturing!

Spring is in the air! I love the colorful array of flowers, with the aroma of freshly mowed lawns, and newly turned soil, marking the beginning of gardening season. I cherish this time of year because there is just something cathartic about pruning, cleaning, planting, nurturing, and witnessing new life spring up. It is during this season that I am inspired to make changes that enable growth and success, in both my personal and professional life.

Just like the flower, vegetable, and herb gardens, our businesses must be tended to with pruning of the old, cleaning of the healthy, planting of the new, and nourishing all aspects of our lives and livelihoods. The reality we face is that this year’s garden will never be as healthy as our last best garden without change. With change comes new growth!

Because we are committed to the growth of your business along with the continued success of the show, here at the AJS headquarters we have decided to devote one day each spring for business gardening! We are designating the day as the AJS Day of Nurturing, and we would like you to join us in the festivities! Like any other gardening activity, we are taking the time to prune here in the office, both physically and mentally by replacing the outdated and tired, creating an energetic and refreshed environment.

The AJS team here in Atlanta will celebrate on April 26th , National Arbor Day, by planting four trees, each representing business and personal growth: a tree of change, a tree of life, a tree of health, and a tree of prosperity in honor our AJS community and family. This is a celebration of new beginnings and anticipation of amazing things to come! We want to encourage you to plant your own garden or tree of change and share with us on Instagram @atljewelryshow #ajsdayofnurturing.