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  The Show  

What is SoHo?

For over 70 years, AJS has been extending our guests the utmost in Southern Hospitality. Defined as a culture of warmth and friendliness, Southern Hospitality is, and has always been our core mission. We’ve taken this concept a step further, by creating the SoHo Experience. This three-day event spotlights our warm and welcoming culture and merges that with real experiences for our attendees. Join us as we gather together for peerless education, to reconnect with your favorite suppliers and discover new vendors in a safe and secure space. By design, this event will equip you with creative tools and solutions to grow your business and move forward with confidence.


Show Features


THE GALLERY features a curated collection of top industry vendors and designers, showcasing classic styles and the newest trends in jewelry.


SIGNATURE COLLECTION features an extensive selection of a wide range of products, including classic, fashion forward and trendy styles designed to appeal to both iconic and progressive retailers.

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