First Time to Market

As you prepare for your first buying trip, the Atlanta Jewelry Show has a few tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your time at market!

Packing Check List:

In addition to the basics you’ll be packing, here are a few other items that will make your trip and maximize your vendor interaction:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Vendor references
  • Business cards
  • Business license
  • Letter of reference from your bank

Pre-Market Prep

  • Book your hotel stay at any of the show partner properties and save. Click here for details.
  • Know your open-to-buy – your financial budget for retail merchandise. As a guideline, your open-to-buy is the available amount of money you can spend for merchandise within a given time period based on your overall budget plan. To calculate your open-to-buy at any point during the month:
    • Beginning of the month dollar inventory – Retail Sales + Purchases – Markdown dollars = End of month inventory
  • In addition to your financial plan, have a buying plan in place, too. This would be a general outline of the types of jewelry and amounts you expect to purchase

On-Site During the Show

  • Proceed to any Check-In Kiosk. Then pick up your required show admission badge and show directory.
  • Read through the directory to check out the seminar/event schedule and to review the show floorplan and listings.
  • Stop by “ShowPlace” at the show entrance for a sneak peek at many of the fabulous designs you’ll see on the show floor.
  • Use the Market Place Cafe on the show floor to relax and regroup during your busy buying day.
  • If time allows, try to dedicate the first day to walking the entire show floor.
  • Work with your established vendors first, to allow time to find new resources too.
  • Ask vendors to ship catalogs and collateral to your store so you won’t have to pack and carry them.

Placing Orders

While each vendor’s specifications may vary, here are some key details to keep in mind:

  • Beginning, delivery and completion dates
  • Style numbers
  • Colors and quantities
  • Method of shipping
  • Costs
  • Terms
  • When you place orders, make a habit of writing notes about the merchandise ordered and the reasons you choose it. This will help you in preparing your store sales staff for incoming merchandise. 
  • With the vendor’s permission, take pictures of the merchandise you’ve ordered as another way to share your market trip experience with your store staff and to gear up for the new merchandise arrival.

Buyers are encouraged to complete and place their orders while at the show to earn valuable AJS Rewards points. These points can be redeemed for anything from state-of-the-art electronics and luxury travel packages to sporting goods, appliances and more. Click here for details!

Shipping/Store Delivery

Be sure to confirm the exact ship date for each order as well as the method of shipping. And remember, the “ship date” (when merchandise leaves the manufacturer) is different from the “in store” date (when merchandise will arrive at your store). If you are planning a special event or promotion, make sure your “in store” date is scheduled at least three-five days before that event.    

If you have any further questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800.241.0399 | 404.634.3434 or email Susan Hambrick, Buyer Registrar at