Buyer Registration  

NEW FOR 2023!  AJS has a new registration system which requires each individual to provide an individual email address (cannot be a shared email address) in order to receive important registration messages and confirmation emails.

*If you do not provide an email address, you will not receive a registration confirmation or seminar registration emails.

Step 1.   Register below for the Atlanta Jewelry Show. Enter your store information and individual and valid email addresses for each attendee.  One email address per person.

Step 2.  Check your email for the AJS Buyer Confirmation

Step 3.  Register for seminars and special events when you receive the AJS Seminar & Seminar Event Registration Email. (To be announced soon)

• Primary company owners will continue to provide authorization for staff members to attend.

• Show registration confirmations will now be emailed to each individual.

• Once you receive your emailed show registration confirmation and the AJS Seminar & Special Event lineup is announced, you will immediately receive an AJS Seminar & Special Event registration email which will allow you to individually view and register.

• Questions regarding registration or email address?  Contact Gina at