Ad Lib – May 2019

…with a Twist!

When ordering a drink with a twist, you are asking for a citrus squeeze to add the zest to the drink, and a bit of décor to the side of the glass. Changing both the taste and the ambiance of the presentation enhances the overall drink.

What does this have to do with the AJS, everything!

Things have gotten a little twisted, in a good way. AJS isn’t your father’s show, because this economy isn’t your father’s economy. Researching ways to connect to the five generations in the marketplace, we discovered that all generations are connected and buying jewelry, maybe just not from us. Twisted, right? So how do we twist and align ourselves with today’s buyers? Let’s order the twist!

For those who are looking for a little help, a little toning up, and zest to inspire and create change within, join us this fall for an educational program designed specifically with a twist. Our “retail twist” will take a fresh, new, and different look at the fundamentals of running a retail store in today’s economy. What do the trends tell us, how do we utilize this information, and how do we get started? Our customers are buying differently, so we better start selling differently!

Now, if you are satisfied with your sales and you’re not looking for growth in your business, we got you covered too! As the AJS-University continues to grow, the expanded educational courses also tackle everyday business issues and training. We are excited to have GIA with us again this year with an expanded curriculum, as well as American Gem Society President John Carter, as part of an important panel discussion on succession planning.

Finishing up educational planning this week for the for the fall edition of AJS, I am so inspired by what Cindy and the team have planned throughout the weekend. At AJS, we continue to push for excellence to help build our community and foster growth in our industry. We believe this year’s AJS-U program will accomplish that mission.

For more information about the educational as well as what’s new in the exhibit area, please visit We are looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta!