Welcome Home – January 2020

What a Merry Christmas it was! As it has been said many times in many ways, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Spending time with family is always at the top of my list, and truly is when the treasured memories are made. We may not agree on everything, and we may have traveled different paths, but we are family and that’s all that matters. These are our “people.”

When we’ve finished the last of the pecan pie, packed away the ornaments and prepared to say goodbye, one thing stood out for me that we all seemed to say to one another, “we must do this more often.” I wondered, why do we wait until a holiday or a special occasion to spend time with our favorite people? That’s when it hit me…my career allows me to help bring together thousands of people, so why not make it more like a family reunion, and a little less like a trade show?

The AJS family is unlike any other and together united, we can help one another thrive by connecting and sharing. And it just so happens we have the perfect place to create the magic.

This March, we have something as refreshing as a glass of sweet tea, and easy as a Sunday morning (literally) awaiting you. The Atlanta Jewelry Show is proud to introduce, the SoHo Experience.

Nope, we are not taking a road trip to a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York. Instead, we are referring to SoHo as Southern Hospitality. That feeling of a home cooked meal, warm and welcoming, never met a stranger and always willing to lend a hand.

How does this translate into a trade event? It’s quite simple. We have reimagined the traditional trade show and turned it into a four-day experiential event served with just the right amount of Southern Hospitality, fun and fellowship that you can’t afford to miss.

I think we can all agree that every facet of our beloved industry is filled with challenges which affect us all regardless of our role.  Things are changing at an unprecedented speed and the pressure to keep track can be overwhelming. Trust me, you are not alone!  The question is, who do we turn to for answers?  It’s easy.  Your “people.”

This exciting year ahead marks the beginning of NEW and ENDLESS possibilities! We can’t wait to welcome you home.