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Cindy Chandler

Director of Education, Atlanta Jewelry Show
Cindy has an extensive background in buying, sales, retail management, gemology, and jewelry design, Cindy Chandler knows the worlds of fine jewelry and retail inside out. After earning her Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America, she became an instructor at GIA. Cindy then worked as group manager, regional training manager, and human resource management roles at Macy’s. That experience sparked a lifelong passion for mentoring and educating retail jewelers. This led her to the American Gem Society, where she served as Deputy Executive Director and added association management to her skill set. As Associate Show Director for the SMART Jewelry Show/SmartWork Media, Cindy continued to empower retailers with her knowledge, experience, and love of the business. Currently, Cindy is working on projects that benefit from her knowledge in retail and association management, sales, gemology, marketing, public relations, and customer service. Contact her if you have a project or job that would benefit from her experience and creativity.
Gary Dawson

Gary Dawson

Gary Dawson is the owner of Gary Dawson Designs. This online custom design operation was once featured as a “Best of the Best” by Instore Magazine, and Rhino Jewelry CAD, a CAD/CAM educational solution for jewelers, offering a course of instruction for Rhinoceros3D. Rhino Jewelry CAD is also a Rhinoceros 3D reseller. Dawson has over 50 years of experience in creating designs that capture the personalities and stories of his customers. He is one of only 3 “Mentor Jewelers” named as such by MJSA. He has delivered seminars and presentations at numerous events, including AGTA GemFair, the Portland Jewelry Symposium, and the Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology. He was awarded the Jewelry Technology Leader Award at the 34th Santa Fe Jewelry Symposium for his work on “Additive Manufacturing on the Bench and in the Workshop.”
Danny Hansen

Danny Hansen

It all started when I joined the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group dedicated to the study and recreation of the Middle Ages, and was introduced to Celtic Art. I was intrigued by this unspoken language's intricate perfection and mysterious grammar. But this newly awakened, self-styled Celt needed raiment for his persona in the SCA, and one of the most important items of fashion for a Celt is a suitable cloak brooch. But where to find one? There were none to be had. The obvious solution was to make one, so I took an introductory jewelry-making course, and a new passion was born. I had always been at odds with previous art instructors; fantasy illustration and abstract expressionism had little common ground. Introducing this new craft, where philosophy and meaning took a distant back seat to form and function, was liberating! I soon discovered that I was truly an artisan at heart, and it was a simple transition to start making jewelry for sale. I enjoyed the challenge of making things meant to be functional, perfecting a design through repetition, and trying to make something that someone would want to own. A Vikings Tale! We're well known in the community, but we're probably best known as the creators of the jewelry featured on the TV show Vikings.
It's a fun story: We shipped some products to the costume department, not knowing how big 'Vikings' would get. The next thing we knew, our jewelry was being seen worldwide, and we ended up sitting in the offices of MGM, getting officially licensed!
While we were in Ireland, my son, Kelly and I ended up as extras on one of the episodes!
Rob Mitchell

Rob Mitchell

Co-Founder, Precision Artistry
Rob Mitchell co-owns Precision Artistry LLC and administers and Precision Bench. He handles the paper so the creatives can focus on their art.

Tira Mitchell

Tira Mitchell started in 1996. Originally dedicated to Tira Mitchell’s Custom Engraving, now offers some of the newest, most innovative hand engraving tools for jewelers, hand engravers, and stone setters worldwide. Tira’s personal engraving services can now be found at Along with introducing innovative EnSet tools to the U.S. market and selling them worldwide, Tira introduced the hand engraving and jewelry industries to the Leica A60-F microscope. Tira extensively researched the microscope market to find a scope that works for hand engravers and jewelers and was tired of using microscopes that were fuzzy on the edges and required constant fuss to keep centered and in focus. She discovered the Leica A60-F, which was exclusively marketed to the electronics industry at the time. Since beginning to market it in 2012, this microscope has become the industry standard. The engraving tools sold through are tools Tira uses. They are high-quality, reliable, time-saving tools that help people engrave and set stones faster. also offers training to help people through the hand engraving learning curve. Tira and other world-class engravers offer different ways of mastering tools, techniques, and tips that improve the quality of engraving and save time to help make engravers more productive. Tira has been engraving, teaching and demonstrating for over 20 years. For more information about Tira and her background, please visit her personal site, Also consider subscribing to our FaceBook page by clicking the FaceBook icon below.,, and Tira Mitchell Custom Engraving are all owned and operated by Precision Artistry, LLC.
melissa miur

Melissa Muir

For more than two decades, Melissa has used her skills as a talented educator to help thousands of people become more knowledgeable about tools, their uses, care, and maintenance. She works with some of the largest names in the industry as she shares her knowledge and love of various metalsmithing techniques and tools, including micro TIG welding and all things jewelry making. Be sure to visit her YouTube Channel (, where she has hundreds of videos for even more jewelry education.

Melissa Muir is a Jewelry Artist and Teacher based in Draper, Utah. Join her as she teaches and demonstrates the proper use of tools and various techniques and gives her honest opinion of those used in her art jewelry-making process.

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Kevin Reilly

Senior Vice President, PGI USA
Kevin Reilly is a jewelry industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in brand building, marketing, sales & customer relationship management. In his role at Platinum Guild International USA, he is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with companies at all levels of the supply chain, formulating programs to help them build their platinum jewelry business. He also leads the organization’s education initiatives, including live, virtual, and online sales training for retail sales professionals, technical education for bench jewelers, and, more recently - establishing relationships with academic institutions to add platinum education to their jewelry studies curricula. He began his career in the retail industry as a member of the Macy’s Executive Training Program. Prior to joining PGI, he served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Tache USA and as Director of Customer Relations and New Business Development at Lazare Kaplan International. He is a frequent speaker at jewelry industry events with the mission of helping manufacturers and retailers to build a more profitable business with platinum.