GIA Lab Class at the Atlanta Jewelry Show  

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Facilitated by a GIA Instructor

Dates:        August 2023 (Tuesday – Friday)

Location:   Cobb Galleria Centre, Room 103                  2 Galleria Parkway SE, Atlanta, GA, 30339                  (770) 955-8000

Hours:       9AM to 5PM (Daily)

Cost:         See prices below each Lab Description:

                 Both Labs Paid by Check = $2,315 

                 Both Labs Paid by Credit Card = $2,389 

Seats:        Limited to first 15 registered students


Tuesday, August 22, 2023 - Thursday, August 24, 2023

  • Check Price = $1729
  • Credit Card Price = $1779


Friday, August 25, 2023

  • Check Price = $586
  • Credit Card Price = $610

Required for: GIA Graduate Gemologist and GIA Graduate Colored Stones DiplomasIn this lab, students practice the same time-tested procedures and identification skills used by the Institute’s renowned gemological experts. Students use gemological instruments to practice identifying natural and laboratory-grown gemstones, imitations and assembled stones. Along with this hands-on training, your instructors will carefully demonstrate key tests and coach you in quick, effective testing procedures. Students must pass an instrumentation exam to complete the class successfully. Classrooms contain a table model prism spectroscope, a color filter, a fiber optic light, a UV lamp with viewing cabinet and a utility lamp.

Each student workstation has a binocular microscope with a daylight equivalent overhead light source, a handheld spectroscope, a dichroscope, a refractometer with polarizing filter and removable magnifying eyepiece and refractive index (RI) liquid, a diffuser plate, an optic figure sphere, a polariscope and tweezers. As part of your course materials, you will receive and keep a lab manual, a gem cloth, a pinpoint incandescent light source and a color grading card.Please see GIA Education Catalog for Online Division to review the Student Notification of Classroom Chemical Usage.

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Pearl Grading Lab Description:

Discover how the world’s foremost experts determine the quality of akoya, freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls. Explore GIA’s 7 Pearl Value Factors™. Key topics include how to evaluate cultured pearls in order to promote the relationship between beauty, value and quality in merchandise. Students must pass a two-stone assessment to complete the class successfully. Classrooms contain a pearl gauge and other instruction aids. Each student workstation includes either a binocular microscope or a daylight equivalent light source, and a pearl grading master set with an informational keycard. As part of your course materials, you will receive and keep a gem cloth and a lab manual.

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